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How to Applique

Make your own totally unique Applique for all sewing projects with this awesome tutorial from Sew Like My Mom Blog!

Click the picture and check it out!


Make Your Own Petti Romper

Petti Rompers are so hot right now! 

Why not make your own!

Check out this easy step by step tutorial by Sew Like My Mom!


Make your Own Barefoot Sandals

A dear friend and fellow crafter shared this wonderful tutorial from The Misadventures of Handmade on how to make the very popular barefoot sandals.  Add your own embellishment Shabby Flowers, Mesh Bows, rhinestone, Bows, Flowers and more for your own unique look.  Simple as folding some FOE (fold over elastic) adding the embellishment and tada you have Barefoot Sandals!  Thank you Melissa for sharing this tutorial!

Find FOE and embellishments at Bows~N~Bottlecaps Wholesale by clicking here!

Click the picture and hop over and make your own!


Felt Bow Fun!

If you are like me you have tons of felt scraps!  What the heck do you do with all of the felt scraps?  Well, I have your answers!

Again from the amazing Ruffles and Stuff blog is an amazing tutorial on some cutie felt bows that are so simple and style to any outfit.  Simple enough to make them as big or as small as you would like pending your felt scraps!

Take a stroll through the tutorial by click the photo or link above to Ruffles and Stuff and whip up some adorable felt bows!


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Stylish Fabric Flowers

I love these Fabric Flowers!  Great thing is they are NO SEW, those who know me know me and a sewing machine dislike each tremendously!

I buy the Jelly Rolls from the fabric section of any craft store or your local super store.  Jelly Rolls have some many prints and solids all in one great for mix and matching these Fabric Flowers.  Throw in some Tulle, Chiffon, Satin, and Lace for a total new look in each flower.

This is one of the easiest tutorials to follow on how to make Fabric Flowers of this style.  Ruffles and Stuff does a great job stepping through each step with pictures and more.

Add Bling Rhinestone Buttons, Pearl Centers, Resins and more to the center for yet a whole new look.  A great place to buy centers of course is Bows~N~Bottlecaps Wholesale.  Attach them to Satin Lined Headbands, Metal Lined Headbands, Alligator Clips and more for an upscale or casual add-on to any outfit.  You can even add a pin back for a brooch!

Click the picture and get crafting!



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Scrap Fabric Pieces put to work!

This is adorable!  It is almost like my Hannah Bow but made with ribbon scraps instead.

Using fabric scraps is a great way to use up all of the pieces of fabric we all have!  Even if you are not a sewer or fabric user buy a jelly roll from any local fabric store/big name store and you are good to go!

Jessica from Happy Together blog show us and adorable Fabric Scrap Bow that is just to die for!  Imagine creating for your little one and customers!  possibilities will be endless!

Just click the photo and check it out!



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What a Doily Hair Clip?!

OMGEEE!  I have never seen a hair accessory created by a doily, until now that is!  What a vintage, upscale, simple, yet elegant hair accessory creation!  I am in love!

For an added twist dye your doilies for your own unique creation!  Imagine the possibilities!  Mix and match colors, solid colors, add in feathers, rhinestone, resins and more for an OTT Doily Hair Clip!

AAAA!  Guess where I am going tomorrow the Dollar Store to get me some doily then grocery store to get me some dye!

Ashley from Lil Blue Boo show us these amazing Doily Hair Clips in a step by step tut!  Click the picture and check it out!


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