Easy Peasy Simple Hair Bow

19 Mar

We are all guilty of having our little girls, big girls, and even ourselves matching head to toe with accessories that match daily outfits!  We all have a wall full of bows and a closet full of shoes right!  That is “normal” isnt it?!?! 🙂

Here is a very easy way to make a Simple Hair Bow featuring a great blog from Skip to by Lou.

With in less than 5 minutes you can have a Simple Hair Bow ready to wear for every outfit you have to match!

From solids, prints, dots, strips, glitter, satin, grosgrain ribbons you can create bows that are AMAZING with this simple and quick bow method!

Do shows?  This is a fast easy bow to build your inventory in prep for the big festivals/events you will be attending!

Kick them up a notch with lined alligator clips, resins, blingy buttons, felties, appliques, and more as bow centers.  If you are feeling like kicking it up to the next notch add in some feather plumes, marabou, rhinestone mesh, or attach to all styles of headbands (plastic woven, metal lined, satin lined, FOE, Lace, Glitter and more!

Find all of the add-on items listed above for Wholesale costs here:  Bows~N~Bottlecaps Wholesale!


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