What to do with your Ribbon Scrap Pieces!

21 Feb

A wonderfel fan, friend, follower, and customer sent me an email last week asking what I did with all of my ribbon scrap pieces.

What a great question!  So I sent her some links and tutorials on a few items I do with my ribbon scrap pieces.  Now to share with all of you some wonderful tips to make the most out of every piece of ribbon you have.  That is what is all about right no waste and getting every bang for your buck which will continue to make your business successful!

I will do a series of a few blog posts on different things to do with all of those ribbon scraps.  I am starting with one of my favorite things to do.


Love them! So universal.  You can have 1 in every room of your house to match your decor.  Just think: living room, den, little girls bedroom, kitchen, bathroom all M2M (made to match) every room decor and personality of the room.  Picture a ribbon tree in a girls bedroom decked out in pink and zebra or funky fun peace signs and tye dye!

Then step it up a notch and decorate for the holidays.  Have a ribbon tree for each holiday.  You know you have the scrap ribbon to do it in each holiday, right?!?!  Picture ribbon trees for: Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Easter, St. Paddy’s Day, 4th of July and more!

Why not make your co-workers jealous and have a Ribbon Tree at your work place in your office or on your desk/work space.  Even at that, what great gifts these would make for all occassions: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and more! Even teacher gifts!

Now on with the show:

Heather at Whimper Berry Blog shows us a very simple and easy way to make ribbon trees.  I love her technique of giving the ribbon a little twist to add some style and flare to the tree!

Just click on Whimper Berry’s Ribbon Tree picture below and learn how to make your very own Ribbon Scrap Pieces Ribbon Tree!


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