Wine Boxes, Military Wreaths, My Hero Bows OH MY! Featuring Amber Carter – Bowloved Designs

14 Feb
Amber Carter owner of Bowloved Designs is an amazing crafty.  Amber is a great friend, fellow crafter, and customer of BNBW!
Amber steals my heart and knocks my sock off with her Military focus in crafting!  Nothing says I love you and thank you to our hero’s like wearing and displaying Military handmade crafts like Amber-Bowloved Designs creates!  Her Military Wreaths are breathtaking!
  Amber’s love for hairbows began with her crafting venture and Bowloved Designs in March of 2011.
She started by testing out her skills, and making a few bows for her sisters, and then for their friends.
Amber  couldn’t believe how well everyone liked her creations.
She was always worried that people wouldn’t like what what she was making.  But, if anything the opposite is true!  They wanted MORE!
Amber started trying to make bows originally because she was tired of going to the big box stores and buying hair pretties and having them break.
Bowloved Designs was created shortly there after when a friend helped her name her new found love and business.
Bowloved Desings feels very strongly about customer service.  She likes to tell people “I’m my own boss” but really that isn’t true.  Her customers are the ones who support Bowloved Designs!!
 Amber hates having to tell a customer no.  She usually takes about 20-30 (sometimes longer) helping customers figure out exactly what will fit their wants/needs.  She go to great lengths to try and find the best deal and the best quality items!
Amber has been spotted using some of Bows~N~Bottlecaps Wholesale’s hottest ribbon designs!  Here are just a couple of BNBW Ribbons in Bowloved Designs awesome Bows!
The items that are specialty for Amber include:
Wine Boxes
Military Wreaths (Amber takes great pride in making all Military Items)
Bow Boards
,And last but not least her:  My Hero Bows!

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