Stormy Creations a BNBW Customer Feature

14 Feb

We all love to get inspired by otheres.  Stormy Creations is a prime example of this.  Besure to read all of the way to the bottom of their feature for a bonus surprise for all of their customers!

Autumn owner of Stormy Creations is a wonderful fan, now friends, and customer of Bows~N~Bottlecaps Wholesale.  This is what Autumn has to say about why she started making bows, what inspired her, and her goals.

“I got started because I was addicted to buying hair bows for my daughter, Stormy. It got to the point where I was buying them every single day to match outfits that she had!

Then I met a girl on Facebook who made bows, became friends with her, and that’s when I was like, “Wait! I can do this too!”

So I started creating.

I wanted the focus to be my daughter and so Stormy Creations was born!

I absolutely love making what I call a “Flower Bow” here is an example of my favorite bow.

As far as good customer service goes… I LOVE offering sales and incentives! I ship quickly. I always treat my customer like I want to be treated. My goal is to take the order and get it out the door with high quality and latest styles.

If it’s a custom order I put Stormy to bed and work until it’s complete. :)”

As a BONUS for all Stormy Creations customers Autumn is offering 10% off of any order if you mention that you saw Stormy Creation Feature on our Blog during time of order.  Fun Right!  Just say I saw you on BNBW and save 10%!

Stormy Creations is currently loving BNBW Shabby Chiffon Trim and Rhinestone Affect Ribbon!  Check out many more of Stormy Creation’s using these to products HERE!

BNBW loves to hear your stories and we would love to feature any of our readers, fans, friends, and customer’s.  If you would like to be featured please email us directly at


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