Lining 6mm Metal Headbands for the cutest eye catching hair accessories

14 Feb

As promised in the Glitterific Fun Tutorial here is the tutorial on how to Line 6mm Bent Metal Headbands.

Bent Metal 6mm Headbands are so universal.  From Toddlers to Adults you can create a headband for all ages.

At only $.75 each Bent Metal Headbands found HERE at BNBW are a steal and a HUGE proift maker for all boutiques.

You can attach any style bow, flower, feather pad, top hat, applique, korker, or just leave them lined with fun ribbon.  You can use grosgrain, satin, velvet, glitter, double ruffle ribbon, and more to line these headbands.

Let the sky be the limit in creating your own masterpieces.  Retail of completed 6mm Bent Metal Headbands range from $5.00 each through $20.00 pending your embelishment and creations.


Angi Elliott

Lining Metal Headband Tut

(using 6mm metal headbands)

You may use this tutorial to teach yourself how to line metal headbands yoy may not alter, sale, copy, transfer or use this tutorial for anything else than learning how to line metal headbands.  Please refer other directly to this tutorial for reference and do not copy.

(Sample Pictures)

Need 6mm bent metal headband, ribbon of choice: DRR, Grosgrain, or Satin. I use it off of the roll and do not pre‐cut my ribbon.

For this tut I am using a scrap piece of ribbon I had laying around.

・ Ensure your ribbon is heat sealed. Run about ½ of hot glue on the inside of the headband down the bend.

Push down your ribbon and slide your finger. Work quickly don・t let your hot glue start to harded. Sliding your finger will push out the hot glue spreading it under the ribbon. Thus, none of the famous hot glue ・bumps・.

Flip headband over and run about 2・ of hot glue down headband. Doing any more than 2・ you glue with start to harden getting those nasty hot glue bumps under your ribbon. Remember to work quickly and press and slide your finger. Do this all of the way around the headband and finish of the end just like you did the opposite end at the start of the tut.

Prepare whatever it is you are attaching to your headband. I am using a TBB and a crissy resin for this one.

I have mixed a line of E6000 and line of hot glue on the side top of the lined headband‐

again no fear of glue!

Press and hold your bow or flower or what every you are attaching for a bit to make sure it is secured.

All finished! Here are some more sample pics: I love these headbands. They are so versitale and work for age 1‐ adult! Make them fancy, funky, fun, playful, vintage, and so much more!



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