Boutique Bow Tutorial Featuring Kara Jordan – Lulus Baby

14 Feb

Big huge shout out to Kara Jordan of Lulus Baby for creating and sharing with us her Boutique Bow Tutorial.

Boutique Bows are one of the biggest sellers.  What I find to be the most fun about this style bow is that the prep work and creation/design of the bow is so fun.  You are able to mix and match colors, prints, dots, strips of ribbon each time you create a new bow that is just breathtaking.  Mix in Marabou, Shabby Chiffon Trim, Curly Ostrich, Flat Back Resins, Bottlecaps, Felties, Appliques, Rhinestones, Ribbon Slidders, and so much more for OTT (over the top) Boutique Bows.

Here are is a quick slide show of a few I have made.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bows~N~Bottlecaps Wholesale offers everything you need to create your own Boutique Bow. Grosgrain Ribbon in Designer Prints, Solids, Strips, Swiss, and Dots. Fun fashionable ribbon in sheer, velvet, glitter and more. All of your hardware including alligator clips, french clips, all style headbands and more.  You pick your bow centers from resins, appliques, felties, and more.  Dont for get great add ins like Marabou, Curly Ostrich, and Shabby Chiffon Trim.  Or KICK IT UP with Rhinestone Affect Mesh as a bow wrap around center for a little added bling!  Check it all out here:  SUPPLIES FOR BOUTIQUE BOWS WHOLESALE

Now on with our featured Tutorial!

Boutique Style Bow

Supplies Finished 3″ twisted boutique bow Choice of ribbon (2 each of 3) for spikes; at 5″ each Choice of ribbon (2) for surround loops; one at 23″ and 22 3/4″ Your choice of center and harware Glue gun and sticks, needle and thread, straight pin, sissors, heat sealing tool/lighter

Prep work: Cut and seal your spikes, I chose V style Make your 3″ tbb Line your alligator clip Make your center knot, and/or bow center (bottle cap, marabou etc)

***** Note: For larger bows you will need to adjust sizes/measurements****

Take your ribbon for surround loops and fold in quarters…mark each crease Do this to both pieces

Work with the longer end of ribbon always to your right… Bring end around and place on top of your first mark X

You may want to place under your bow to get a better idea on size…when making larger bows before cutting your loops

After first loop is secured bring the long end around towards first loop * think reverse awareness* bring all the way down until your mark meets side by side with first loop.

Secure with a dab of hot glue, make sure they don’t overlap! Continue bring all your marks to center for remaining loops, remembering to go left

Following pictures show this process step by step.

Your loops should now look like so ….repeat for your second set

Place glue in center of larger set of loops, and center smaller ones on top

Spikes: I like to lay mine out to get an idea of placement. Once your happy with where they are simply “un-fan” until they are stacked on top of one another, place a pin in center and re-fan

Now take your needle and thread, starting from underneath make three stiches about quarter inch apart and quarter inch long. Now pull your thread tight “bunching” your spikes together. Wrap your thread around a time or two and secure.

Now gather all of the guts of the bow and prepare to put it all together.

Simply glue each section together, don’t be scared to use a lot of glue, won’t hurt a thing!

Stack your bow together, first spikes, loops, dab of glue, and then your tbb.

Add the center of your choice, knot, bottle cap, disc it, rhinestone, feathers, feltie, be creative!!! Have fun the best part is picking out the color combinations and see it all come together!

This tut was created by Kara Jordan. You may use it for personal use only. You may not alter, sell, transfer, or change this tut in any way without the written permission of Kara.


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