Girl’s and their Bows!

11 Feb

A girl can never have to many bows!  From baby to adult – girls are wearing bows, flowers clips, clippies, and so much more in their hair styles everyday to add the finishing touches to their daily outfits, fancy dresses, and office wear!

But where to store all of those headbands and clips?  Bow Hangers are an easy fashionable solution that is customizable to match any room decor theme or colors.

Bows~N~Bottlecaps Wholesale offers the top of the line quality Metal Bow Hangers in 3 Colors.  Black, White, and of course Hot Pink.  Spice up these bow hangers up with matching ribbon, flowers, marabou, curly ostrich, felties, flatback resins, bottlecaps, alta caps, and so much more to create a look all of your own and match an room decor.

Metal Bow Hangers are more spacious then the average bow board/holder as you can customized the length of the ribbon strands to hold more or less bows.  Add loops to the strand to convert all of the Metal Bow Hanger to a Metal Headband Holder, easy peasy!

Of course we are going to show you how EASY PEASY they are with a step by step tutorial!

The other great thing with this Metal Bow/Headband Hanger is they retail for $15-$25 and even $35 each pending the length o the ribbon and how they are decorated!  Great profit makers for all of you bowtique owners!


Angi Elliott

Hanger Bow/Headband Holder Tut

This tutorial is to teach you how to make Metal Bow/Headband Hangers.

You may not copy, sale, trade or use this tutorial for anything other than teaching yourself how to make Hangers.

Please refer anyone to this blog and do not copy this tutorial.

Your choice of Hanger and ribbons.

3 1 yard pieces of ribbon. If you layer two colors of ribbon you will need 6 1yard pieces of ribbon. If making a headband holder you will need 63 yard pieces and 3 1 1/2 2yard pieces.

I also layer ribbon on top of ribbon.

You can sew this I do not sew so I hot glue or use E6000.

Cover heat sealed ribbon in about ½” with hot glue.

Find the center of the section of hanger you are working with an loop ribbon around pressing to secure the hold.

This is the back side of the holder after all 3 yards of ribbon are in place.

If you are layering your ribbon

repeat the steps with the other 3 yards of ribbon you have chosen.

Once your layer piece is secured around hander, run 4

5 inches of hot glue to the underside of the layer ribbon and press down onto the center of the bottom layer of ribbon (first ribbon you attached)

Do this the full length of the 1 yard strand if you are making a bow hanger.

If you are making a headband hanger follow the next step.

After following the above step, leave about a 4″ gap of ribbon (will make a 2″ loop)

Add about ½” of glue, make your loop and then press down the ½” glue section butted up against were ribbon is already glued to the under layer of ribbon, creating your loop for headbands.

Repeat these steps the full length of the under layer of ribbon.

Preparing your Giant Daisy

ensure all petal layers are attached to each other with hot glue.

Remove the back and trim the green steam flush with the flower.

As you can tell from my tut’s I am not scared to use a lot of glue! LOL!

Use E6000 in the center and circle it with a ring of hot glue.

Find center of the middle of the hanger and press and hold the Giant daisy for a minute until secure.

Leave flower as is or fancy it up. This one I am going to add Marabou and a bottle cap

I removed the center of the front of the flower and then loaded up the hot glue in the center. I used a 4″ piece of white marabou made a puff and pressed it into the center of the flower.

Attached the bottle cap to the center of the Marabou and Ta Da you have a bow/headband holder.

Be creative and fancy your holders up however you would like!

Here are a few more samples I have done:


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