Spring is creeping up on us! Flip Floppin Fun!

09 Feb

My daughter and I wear Flip Flops all summer long.  My boys love their Bottlecap Flip Flops!

In the summer, I can not get enough Flip Flop makin!  Here are some cute ones I have made in the past.  The posibilites are endless.

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You can see how much fun Flops are to create!

You can find tons of ribbon, flowers, flatback resins, appiques, ribbon slidder and more to spice up your flops at Bows~N~Bottlecaps Wholesale by clicking right here!

Here is my advise on what type of flops to use:

This is simple!

Old Navy, Children’s Place, or Gap ONLY.


They hold up the best. 

I have tried Dollar Store Brand, Walmart Brand, Hobby Lobby Brand, nothing compares to Brand Name Flops!  The cheaper flip flips will have their thongs break and bottoms where out QUICKLY.

You want your customer’s to love their flops and to be able to wear them all summer long.  Do NOT skimp on Flops!

I use black only.  Remember these are being worn on FEET.  black hides all dirt.

So now that you are ready to get floppin’ yourself here is a Tutorial on how to get started!

Post your comments and pictures so we can see what you have created!


By: Angi Elliott

This tutorial is for your use only.  Do not transfer, copy, alter, sell or use in any way other than teaching yourself how to make Flip Flips.

Wrapping Flops and Applying Bows

Your choice of 7/8 grosgrain ribbon‐length depends on size flops you are wrapping‐play with it until you have lengths figured out.


Heat seal your end. I use a strip of E6000 and a strip of hot glue side by side.I do this so I don’t have to use clothes pins and can keep working.

Start on the outside of the thong.

Start wrapping at an angle‐and tightly.

Continue wrapping‐once you get to the toe thong‐just go across the back side and over to the other thong.

Once you get to the end of the thong ‐ Cut and heat seal the ribbon‐again E6000 and hot glue in two strips.

Prepare to add your bow‐again I use E6000 in the center of the toe thong and go around it with hot glue‐I never fear too much glue‐ensure the bows will stay put.

Add what ever bow you would like‐I add additional hot glue under and around the bow and push onto thong just to make sure.

Ta Da~Flops!

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