Shabby Chiffon Trim Tutorial

07 Feb

Shabby Chiffon Trim is one of the newest hottest crafting supplies. 

B~N~BW has this FABULOUS Trim available in 6 hot colors: Black, White, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Red, and Zebra

I have seen these beautiful Simple Basic Bows selling on Etsy for $8.00-$15.00 each.  Now, you only need 4″ to make this Basic Shabby Chiffon Trim Bow.

Buying the trim from B~N~BW  for only $2.00 for 1/2 yard you cost is only $.11 an inch times 4″ cost is only $.44 and sell them no less than $5.00 pending your target market/area/avenue up to $15.00.


To help you all just a step more check out the tutorial I created with just a few basic idea for this fantastic trim.

Where else can you use this trim or what else can you do with it?  Cover wipe cases and mix in Rhinestone Mesh with it on wipe cases or use the mesh as bow centers.  Again BNBW offers Rhinestone Mesh for only $.85 1/2 yard and 6 awesome colors to pick from.  Sew onto clothing: imagine a shirt embelished around the collar or bottom with match skirt, shorts, or jeans with Shabby Chiffon Trim around the legs and skirt hems, home decor: cover pillows, lamp shades, spice up curtains, and even blankets.  The possibilites are endless for this hot new trim!  Have fun and create and make an awesome return on your profit!

Shabby Chiffon Trim Tutorial

Created by Angi Elliott

This tutorial is for your information only.

 You may not use any pictures, wordage or the tutorial itself for anything other than teaching you how to use Shabby Chiffon Trim.

You may not edited, sell, trade; alter this tut in any way.

In this tut, I will be showing you how to make a Simple Shabby Chiffon Trim Basic Bow as well as a few other product samples that you can create.

Tip: sit and play with this amazing product.

There are so many different ways to use it and I am just showing you a few.  Don’t for get to use it in sewing products as well, great clothing accents.

Shabby Chiffon Trim Basic Bow

Supplies: Wool Felt to match Shabby Chiffon Trim, Shabby Chiffon Trim of choice, Hot Glue Gun, Scissors, Lighter, Needle and thread, ruler, bow center of choice, 3” ribbon of choice for center of bow.

For this Simple Shabby Chiffon Trim Bow I will be making a 4” bow.

Cut your Shabby Chiffon Trim at 4 inches long.

Cut your Wool felt at 4” long by 3” wide.

Fold your piece of 4”x3” wool felt in half and press the half fold to make a crease.

Cut the corners of the wool felt into rounded corners.  This will shape the ends of your bow for the finished product.

Gather your piece of Shabby Chiffon Trim you will be using. Flip your Wool Felt piece over and apply hot glue to one side of the crease. DO NOT put glue on the crease mark.

Flip the Shabby Chiffon Trim upside down and press the half of the Wool Felt with the glue onto the back of the Shabby Chiffon Trim.  Be sure you center the Wool Felt on the Shabby Chiffon Trim correctly you don’t want the Wool Felt to hang over any of the edges of the Shabby Chiffon Trim.

Apply Hot Glue to the other side of the Wool Felt.  Do not add glue to the crease.

Gather your scissors and trim the mesh from the Shabby Chiffon Trim even with the edges of the Wool Felt.  You can do this before you glue down the Wool Felt, your choice.

Now it is time to make the center of your bow. Gather your needle and thread and weave the needle up and down the center of the bow, going through the Wool Felt and Shabby Chiffon Trim.  Note: this is why you make a crease in the felt and you don’t put hot glue on the crease mark.

After you weave the needle from one side to the other take you thread and wrap around the center of the bow 2-4 times and pull tight to make the center of your bow.

Flip the bow over and tie off your thread.

See how nice the edges of the bow look when you round the corners of the Wool Felt.

Now it is time to add your center of choice to your bow.

For this bow I am using 3” of 3.8 grosgrain ribbon and blingy acrylic button.

You can use anything your heart desires: rhinestone mesh, pearl mesh, wool felt flowers, blingy acrylic buttons, bottle caps, flat back resins, polymer clay creations, alta caps, acrylic rhinestones, ribbon slides, etc etc.  Anything you would use on any bow you can use on Shabby Chiffon Trim Bows.

Heat seal and glue down one end of the 3.8 ribbon to the center back of the bow.

Pull the opposite side of the 3.8 ribbon tight, heat seal and glue down over top of the other side of the 3.8 ribbon in the center back of the bow.

Gather anything else you want to add to the center of the bow.

Glue your selected center into place.

Ta Da you have a beautiful 4” Simple Shabby Chiffon Trim Basic Bow.

You can make this style bow any width you would like.  Just adjust the length of your cut for your Shabby Chiffon Trim and Wool Felt to the length you want your finished bow to be.

What can you do with them now?

Attach to just about anything above are a few samples.

Satin lined headbands, bent metal headbands, plastic (wrapped/woven) headbands, lined alligator clips, French clips, mini hats, pin back to attach to clothing, purses, curtains, shoes, etc (pin backs make it removable for washing)

What to add with Shabby Chiffon Trim:

Mix this with rolled rosettes, frayed flowers, netting, feather pads, feather plumes, Russian netting, ribbon, and so much more after being attacked to your choice of the above products to make a masterpiece of a finished product!

Here is another finished Shabby Chiffon Trim Bow:

Cute for the 4th of July


Cute for Christmas.

Here are a few other quick tips and ideas for your Shabby Chiffon Trim.

Like I said above sit and play you will be amazed at what you come up with.

Twist the Shabby Chiffon Trim onto itself from one end to the other.

For this one I have a 6” piece.

Next, roll it in a spiral like a snail’s body from one end to the other.

Now you have a Shabby Chiffon Trim Rolled Flower.

Glue down onto Wool Felt that matches your Shabby Chiffon Trim.

Again attach to the attachment of your choice and mix with other items for a fab finished product.

Picture this Yellow one for Easter and Spring!

Here is another tip.

Make a Simple Shabby Chiffon Trim Basic Bow with two different colors one on each side of the finished bow.  Make it just as I did above in the full tutorial just use two colors instead of one!

Again picture matching this to outfits, 4th of July, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Parties, Photo Props and so so much more!

Take the a Two Toned Simple Shabby Chiffon Trim Basic Bow in Yellow and Light Pink add an Easter Bunny Center and you will have a very special Easter Bow.

One last tip:

Put a twist on your Basic Shabby Chiffon Trim Rolled Flower.  Twist two colors together for a fun unique look!

Hope you all of enjoyed this quick tut and quick tips on what to do with Shabby Chiffon Trim!



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