No More spending tons of $$ of Birthday Party Hats

07 Feb

We have all seen the adorable breathtaking fancied up party hats, right?!  They are just adorable fancied up with fabric, feathers of all styles, sporting the birthday kiddo’s age in awesome fabric designs, for boys and girls these party hats are taking the birthday scene by storm with 1st birthday’s being the biggest winners of these hats.  Mix them with petti skirts and appliqued tops and your birthday princess will be the center of attention for more than just her birthday.

Have you seen these hats selling on EtsyCheck them out here talk about making some $$.

Now think about making these yourself and offering custom-made party hats for your customers.  Huge room for profit and they will be so fun to create!

Well, Jessica from From Marriage to Motherhood has created an amazing tutorial on using dollar store party hats and creating your own Fancied Up Party Hats. 

The sky is the limit when getting “fancy” with your party hats.  Imagine Designer Printed Ribbon, Rhinestone Mesh, Shabby Chiffon Trim, Feathers of all Styles, and heck throw in some Flowers, or Resins, and even some Appliques to make your party hats one of a kind!

Check out this awesome Free Tutorial from Jessica at From Marriage to Motherhood here!

Have Fun and post away any comments and share your creations with us we would love to see!

Big Thank you to Jessica at From Marriage to Motherhood for this fantastic blog tutorial!


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